Frequently asked questions

Find answers to your Cotterpillar questions here.

Is that 'grey' or 'brown'?

It is a gorgeously soft minky grey! Notoriously difficult to photograph it can appear as brown in some shots, but it's not! It is very much a grey.

What colour is the embroidery?

Every Cotterpillar piece is embroidered with the same shimmery metallic thread. Some say it's silver, some say it's gold ... depends on what light you see it in! :)

How to they attach to the cot rail?

Inside each Cotterpillar piece is a clever nylon 'sprung' clip which enables it to sit snuggly on the rail.

How long does it take from ordering to delivery?

We seriously aim to get your order to you in 2/3 working days. Sometimes the system lets us down and it can be a bit longer, but generally, that's the delivery time.

Is it washable?

Absolutely it is! Just pop it in the machine at 30 degrees on a gentle wash, dry it somewhere warm (not the dreaded tumble drier though!) and it will come up like new!

Can a toddler pull them off?

A determined toddler can pull almost anything off! So yes, they can. Cotterpillar to the rescue ... our gorgeous Keepsake Shelf will keep the nursery neat and tidy, and as a bonus, your Cotterpillar will look like a piece of art work on the wall. Win Win!

Do you deliver overseas?

We do. Most countries are covered in our checkout, but if you're sending a Cotterpillar somewhere wild and wonderful and don't know the postage, just give us a call or drop us a message.

Are the pieces all joined together?

No! Each piece is separate so that you can build your Cotterpillar any way you like ... genius!

How big are they?

Each gorgeous velvety piece measures 11cm in diameter. But they will happily squish up a bit if you need them to!

Will they fit on a ‘Next-To-Me’ cot?

Yes! We're proud to say that the Cotterpillar sits on many hundreds of Next-to-Me cots these days :)

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