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This is me.

If you give us a call or pop us a DM, you’re pretty likely to get straight through to me!

I work very hard to make sure that every Cotterpillar received is a complete delight. If I've failed in some way, please do get in touch and let me know!


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The story so far

Like so many parents, Cotterpillar founder Mel spent hours reaching over the cot-side soothing and consoling her little one, leaning on a folded blanket to make the experience less painful ... right there, the idea for Cotterpillar was born!

24 years on once all the children had flown the nest, an excessively steep learning curve began. Taking the Cotterpillar from rough sketches through design, manufacturing and testing, to full production was a long two years.

Mel has embraced every aspect of building a young company, (some more willingly than others!) From safety regulations, accountancy, stock control, shipping problems and warehousing, to organising photo shoots and learning social media management from scratch. Every day is a school day at Cotterpillar HQ!

Now at the start of its 5th year, Cotterpillar is going from strength to strength. Our customers and their babies are the core of what matters most to us. Still a small business, but growing every day :)

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... and there's more to come!

Watch this space for some exciting new Cotterpillar brand ideas this coming year!

If you’d like more information, if you are a brand who would like to collaborate or if you have a press enquiry, give us a call, we’d love to hear from you.

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